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About us

OTODIS began in 2017 with a group of entrepreneurs from the energy industry with more than 30 years of experience, with the vision of producing sustainable and ecological fuels, generating value for the end user and caring for the environment.


We develop and operate used motor oil transformation plants to produce clean and ecological fuels with ultra-low sulfur content, supporting the sustainability strategy of our clients.

We work aligned to the objectives of
United Nations Sustainable Development

Objetivos sustentables Otodis

Our Methodology

Our hydrotreatment technology allows us to reuse used motor oil and transform it into ecological fuels, complying with the highest environmental sustainability practices.

  • On-site green hydrogen generation

  • Water recirculation

  • Collection of used oil

  • Responsible used oil disposal

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OTODIS collects and contributes to eliminating hazardous enviromental by converting it into ecological fuels

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